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New Account

2012-02-05 16:00:15 by Mariofan153

Im thinking about making a new account. (Im still going to use this one.) The new account is where Ill be publishing my games. Ill email you if you are my friend.

Time For A Break.

2011-11-10 15:10:41 by Mariofan153

My Computer Sucks right now, My Windows account has no working internet and can't be fixed, I now use Ubuntu, Or Linux now. But Game Factory does not work for it. I download the game factory and carry it to my windows account so I can make games. I Only have a week to make a game and that is not long enough to make a good game. I might be getting a new computer for X-Mas So i won't be gone for ever. While I wait, ill work on the sprites for the new game I am called "Awesome Cards" Its A remake of an old game i made a LONG time ago. The Link in at the bottom of the post if you need to see it. It was back in the day when I made games with game maker.

Link - 769-awesome-cards-demo

If you want to help by giving card Ideas, Please leave them in the comments below. Thank you. Oh and if you wanna play the game, you will have to download game maker and then download the game AND THEN open it up and have fun for 3 minutes.

Morce Code.

2011-04-21 14:58:54 by Mariofan153

... .- -- / .. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / .-. . .- -.. .. -. --. / - .... .. ... / - .... . -. / - .... .- - / -- . .- -. ... / -.-- --- ..- / -.- -. --- .-- / .... --- .-- / - --- / - .-. .- -. ... .-.. .- - . / --- .-. / -.-- --- ..- / ..- ... . -.. / - .... . / .-- . -... ... .. - . .-.-.-

Can You Find Out What It Means?

My Name

2011-04-15 22:05:20 by Mariofan153

My Name Is Shade Reed If you ever wanted to know.

Also, A secret game is in the working's! When will it be done? I don't know but I can't tell you what it is about.


2011-04-10 20:55:39 by Mariofan153

I made a youtube poop! WATCH PLEASE. COMMENT PLEASE!

Link - 153?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/iNoOZUjDLt8

Robot Crab Episode 3!

2011-03-06 11:22:17 by Mariofan153

I am working On It. PM me if you want to be any of the voice of these characters!

Pig: Nobody

Robot Crab: Nobody ( Must be Robotic )

There Will be more voices soon so if you do not like the ones that are here then just wait and don't give up! I am working on the scrip as you speak!

Dress Up Anything!

2011-02-27 16:37:58 by Mariofan153

This small minigame is done! It update weekly or daily!

MiinGame -


Dress Up Anything!

Escape Your Room!

2011-02-25 18:27:45 by Mariofan153

Can you escape your room? Maby not... Heres a little preview of what I can do. This is what I can do.

Padlock - Links Coming Soon

Drag and Drop Items - Links Coming Soon

When you play the real game, Remember that when you drag an item somewhere and it is not visable, Dont drop! just bring it to where you would want it to be.

Working On A Novel.

2011-02-21 11:34:56 by Mariofan153

I am working on a Novel and I will make it into a game. More News later.

Robot Crab Episode 2 Is Out!

2011-02-13 11:17:30 by Mariofan153

I have finished it! Here's the link to this epic game! I work hard on it with a lot more help from Biosfreak! I hope you enjoy this movie. Oh and It also has a minigame. If you don't wanna play. Just wait 3 seconds.

Link -

I hope you like it

Robot Crab Episode 2 Is Out!